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Ner Calendar sponsorship 2019

Please sponsor the Ner Calendar 2019. As well as offering timely information for the year and reminders of anniversaries of community families it also is a successful fundraiser to support Ner activities. 

To make it a real community initiative each Ner Yisrael Member or Friend account are able to submit 2 specific birthday/ anniversary/ yahrzeit dates with no additional donations. Just login now to participate HERE.

Members of Ner LaMa'or have pre-donated for up to 3 specific birthday/ anniversary/ yarhzeit dates and one 'Standard Box' Advert/ Greeting, so again login now to participate without an additional donation HERE.

Please remember the deadline for submission is 24th December 2018.
Thank you for your support for the shul 

Wed, 19 June 2019 16 Sivan 5779