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Yahrzeit Dedications

In honour of your forthcoming Yahrzeit, Ner Yisrael offers a number of meaningful ways to commemorate this day. In addition to requesting a Kel Maleh Rachamim, dedication opportunities. These include: 

A Ner Midweek Shiur (£18 suggested donation, or multiple thereof BOOK HERE
A week of Daf Yomi (£36
 suggested donation BOOK HERE)
The weekly Parasha sheet (£50
suggested donation BOOK HERE)
Shabbat Afternoon Shiurim for Women (£18 
 suggested donation, or multiple thereof  BOOK HERE
The Ner website for a month (£180 suggested donation BOOK HERE)
A month of shul lighting costs (£250
suggested donation BOOK HERE
Kiddush- 8:00 Hashkama (Charge of £45 BOOK HERE
Kiddush- 8:30 Minyan (Charge From £60 BOOK HERE)
Kiddush- Netzach Minyan (Charge From £75 BOOK HERE)

A seuda shelishit (Charge From £150 BOOK HERE)
Kiddush- Main Shul  (Charge From £250  book via the shul office

OR Just make your own donation  HERE 



Sat, 28 March 2020 3 Nisan 5780