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Board of Management - Portfolios

Board Members

Moshe Shatzkes (Chairman)

Ari Goldberg (Office Liason)
Benjy Epstein (Finance)
Ed Howard (Communications)
Elliot Benjamin (Youth)
Geoffrey Hollander (Minyanim)
Jonathan Marriott (Logistics)
Julie Cohn (Education)
Neil Ferber (Membership)
Simon Bolsom (Facilities)
Shmueli Landsber (Community Relations)
TBC (Fundraising)
TBC (Events)

Board Portfolios

The Chairman, reports to the Ner Yisrael Trustees, is accountable to provide strategic leadership and overall day-to-day operation of all aspects of the shul in partnership with the Rabbinic team, Board of Management and Trustees. The Chairman also oversees the direction and day to day running of the Executive Board. (Full Role Profile HERE)

Each of the Board members hold their own portfolios and report to the Ner Yisrael Chairman. The purpose of each of portfolios are:

Chesed Portfolio
To provide a framework for empowering and encouraging increased chesed activity in the community
To provide opportunities for Ner members to make a meaningful contribution to hospitality, helping those in times of difficulty and encourage participation of young people in chesed activities. (Full Role Profile HERE )

Communications Portfolio
To take the lead on managing a range of all communication channels for the Ner Yisrael community (including: online digital, social media and offline
To develop an integrated approach to communication and engagement activities focussing on existing Ner Yisrael members, friends, alumni, and the wider local Jewish community. (Full Role Profile HERE)

Education Portfolio
To plan and coordinate the educational programme for Ner Yisrael
To provide a variety of shiurim, lectures, interactive events etc. reflecting the different interests of members and their families; age groups and abilities. (Full Role Profile HERE)

Events Portfolio
To plan and coordinate the social events programme for Ner Yisrael
Provide a variety of events reflecting the different interests of members and their families; age groups and abilities. (Full Role Profile HERE )

Facilities Portfolio
TBC (Download full Role Profile )

Fundraising Portfolio
To advise, plan and execute fund raising activities to assist with the financing of the synagogue and educational undertakings of the Ner Yisrael Educational Trust. 
To promote the Ner LaMaor programme  (Download full Role Profile HERE )

Members’ Portfolio
To provide a framework which enhances members' experiences and interactions within the shul, including addressing members’ suggestions
To provide strategic thinking across all portfolios to ensure "Members First". (Full Role Profile HERE)

Minyan Portfolio
To oversee the Gabbaim to ensure the smooth running of all minyanim in the shul.
To manage the requests of the individual minyanim so as to maintain the balance between their needs the and the Ner Yisrael community as a whole. (Full Role Profile HERE)

To advise the Board and Trustees, and implement, financial strategy, practises and plans to manage the charity’s short and long term activities in accordance with best practises for a charity. (Full Role Profile HERE )

Youth Portfolio
Plan and coordinate provision for all of Ner Youth - up to school leaving age. (Full Role Profile HERE )

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