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About Us and History of Ner 

Establishment of Ner
The Ner Yisrael Community in Hendon was founded in 1984 as an independent, modern, orthodox Jewish community. It was set up to be intellectually and socially modern, while at the same time totally orthodox and with a tremendous eagerness for learning, and it has lived up to these aims. Similar in style to orthodox Young Israel communities in the United States, Ner is Zionist and inclusive in its outlook. It was initially established under the energetic leadership team led by the dynamic Rabbi Dr Alan Kimche and his wife Rebbetzen Via.
Rabbi Kimche's open door policy to speakers has also been the key to set Ner apart from others 
Ner Yisrael was started by a small group of families who met to daven in a room at Jews’ College in Hendon. It acquired its current premises in The Crest, off Brent Street, in September 1986, and the Theo & Marthe Klein Community Centre was dedicated in 1989. As the community grew, the synagogue was enlarged, and, in 2000, neighbouring buildings were acquired and converted to serve as the HaRav Jakobovits Centre housing the Horowitz Beit Hamedrash.
In 2004/5 further extension works were carried out to the main building which expanded the main body of the shul as well the building of the new Sha'ar Yaacov Beit Hamedrash, a state-of-the-art kitchen and purpose-built offices to house the shul's administrative staff.
Ner has also been at the forefront of launching many of the most innovative communal programmes in London including tikkun leyl, Tisha b'Av events, ladies' shiurim programmes and the evening Beit Medrash programme for post yeshiva students.
Rabbi Kimche and members of the community were also instrumental in setting up the North West London Eruv, and the ranks of buggies parked outside each week are testament both to its value and to the rapid growth of the community!
"I have found it a pleasure to work with Rabbi Zobin, and I see how his input has increased significantly the rabbinic care of the Kehilla
Rabbi Kimche: 2014/15 Ner Yisrael Annual Report
To match Ner’s growing membership, Rabbi Eliezer Zobin was appointed as Associate Rabbi in 2014 and has been an unqualified success. His shiurim are of the highest quality, clear, relevant and well prepared. His management of many educational and social events, and his care, especially of young families and singles, is excellent. His interpersonal skills of warmth and care in a variety of pastoral situations have been remarked upon by many as superb.
In January 2019 Rabbi and Rebbetzen Kimche retired from their roles, moving to live in Eretz Yisrael, and Rabbi and Rebbetzen Zobin were appointed as their successors as Senior Rav and Rebbetzen of Ner.
To summarise, the shul is booming and the energy created is amazing.
Thu, 13 June 2024 7 Sivan 5784