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Ner's Minyanim Menu

Ner is known for ‘the best davening in town’, with a unique atmosphere in each of its minyanim. Our Friday Night service is especially popular, with both the men’s and women’s section packed every week.
All our services take place in one-level rooms, laid out so that the women can feel part of the davening.
Shabbat Hashkama Minyan (8:00 am)
Established over 20 years ago and now davening in the Horowitz Beit HaMidrash of the HaRav Jacobovits Centre, this is a serious service which regularly attracts about 70 members of all ages and backgrounds who want to start early and enjoy a focused service in a warm and friendly atmosphere with no talking! The service is followed by a cake, coffee and whisky kiddush and an on-going text-based shiur.
Shabbat 8:30 Minyan (8:30 am)
This dynamic service takes place in the Shaar Yaacov Beit HaMidrash and has a flavour of its own. The davening is led by yeshiva-style ba’alei tefillah, and there is a short Dvar Torah at the end while a cholent and kugel kiddush is served. This minyan is full every week before 8.40am, with people of all ages, including parents who want to finish davening before the children’s services begin.
Shabbat Main Minyan (9:30 am)
Visitors to the main service in the shul might be mistaken for thinking that there is a choir; the minyan is the choir! Talented members of the community take it in turns to lead the services, and the style that has developed is a lively and harmonious mixture of traditional and modern tunes. Rabbi Zobin gives a topical Dvar Torah each week, unless a guest speaker is invited to take the pulpit, and the service is usually followed by a kiddush, with hot and cold food.
Students' Minyan (9:30 am)
It's new, come and try us out!
Shabbat Youth Service (9:35 am)
The Ner Youth Minyan is the largest youth minyan in the area, catering for high school aged boys and girls. With davening and leining led by the youth themselves, and a delicious kiddush, the minyan attracts over 50 members every Shabbat morning. Currently under the direction of our youth directors Yoni and Olivia Wieder, the minyan is a warm and welcoming place, complemented by events throughout the year.
Also: Shabbat Toddlers' Service (10:50 am) which aims to keep a roomful of excited children (and their parents!) enthralled with creative activities, songs and excellent structure, and two Children's Services for the 5-7 and 8-10 year olds run by out dedicated madrichim/madrichot.
Weekday Minyanim
In addition to the daily afternoon Mincha and evening Maariv minyanim, there are two weekday Shacharit minyanim - the early bird minyan for those who have to get into town early, and the second minyan for those who don't have to get up as early...
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