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Ner Cares ... Cost of living ... We are all together!

Dear friends,
We are all conscious of the possible impact of increased winter fuel bills, rising interest rates and higher food prices, on many families in our community.
Whilst we all do our best to make cutbacks, we are here for each other, and in particular for those who are struggling to make ends meet and may not know where to turn for assistance.
Below we share resources, both within our own shul and community, and within the wider communities of NW London.
for a list of communal organisations that can provide practical help in dealing with financial difficulties.
(2) OPEN ROOM AT NER: The shul will offer an open, heated room throughout winter for you to use, to work, relax or spend time with your kids. This will be open on Mon-Thurs from 12 noon until 4pm, and on Sundays from 11am until 5pm. The exact location will vary between the main shul and the downstairs Beit Midrash.
(3) NER YISRAEL GEMACH: The Ner Yisrael Gemach is able to provide short-term financial support to families who find themselves in a situation of financial need.
If you wish to request assistance, please complete the Ner Yisrael Gemach online financial request form: and the Gemach trustees will be in contact with you.
Alternatively, the Gemach can be contacted, in the strictest confidence, by emailing or by contacting Rabbi Zobin at or 07929630813.
Members of Ner Yisrael who are in financial need can also receive a one-time grant of up to £250 using the online form, with no questions asked.
(4) PRACTICAL HELP: If you need practical help in any other way (for example: with shopping, meals, hosting, lifts for hospital visits) please contact Susan Pascoe, or let Rabbi Zobin, Rebbetzin Zobin or Louise Brayam know via:
(5) LISTENER: Financial stress can often translate into emotional stress and tension, and take a toll on wellbeing. You are not alone.
If you feel in need of emotional support, please feel free to speak to Rabbi or Rebbetzin Zobin ( /, or to be in direct contact with ListeNer, to be seen by a therapist outside of our community.
Therapy is not only for people who are falling apart or at rock bottom. When we are struggling mildly, when we could use a listening ear or a sounding board, or when we are feeling slightly alone or adrift in our challenges - therapy can really help.
ListeNer takes matters of confidentiality very seriously and so the ListeNer team members will NOT see your name or contact details. Only the ListeNer administrator Reut Provisor (who is in Israel) will see your details.
Or for more information visit:
Ner Cares ... We are all in this together ... Please reach out!
Warmest wishes,
Rabbi and Rebbetzin Zobin

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