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If you are interested in being a sponsor for any occasion then please see what each minyan has to offer.

Hashkamah Minyan (£60) READ MORE  or BOOK HERE

8:15 Minyan (£140) READ MORE or BOOK HERE

Main Minyan (From £250) READ MORE or BOOK HERE

Student Minyan (From £59) BOOK HERE

Youth Service (£60) READ MORE or BOOK HERE

Children's Service 5 yrs - 7 yrs (£25) READ MORE or BOOK HERE

Children's Service 8 yrs - 10 yrs (£25) READ MORE or BOOK HERE

Toddlers Service (£7)  READ MORE or BOOK HERE

Hashkamah Minyan

With one set standard of kiddush, the choice is easy ... 'sponsor' or 'don't sponsor'.

There is only a Standard Kiddush which includes: Dutch Pound Cakes, Chocolate Cakes, Yeast Cake, Biscuits, Danish Ring, Coffee/Tea, Whisky and Grape juice/ Kiddush Wine OR a COVID-Safe alternative BOOK ONLINE HERE

8:15 Minyan

With a special offer of a 'free' aliyah for every kiddush sponsored!
The Standard Kiddush for £140  includes Cholent, Kugel, a Variety of cakes, Variety of Herrings, Crackers, Soft Drinks, Grape Juice and Whisky OR a COVID-Safe alternative  BOOK ONLINE HERE

Main Minyan

In addition to the pre-set kiddush options for a shul-organised kiddush described below, you are welcome to bring in your external party planner/ caterer.  Please note that all food brought in must be sealed and have a hechsher. BOOK ONLINE HERE or Please contact the shul office to sponsor a kiddush.

  • Kiddush A - 4 tables: cake, biscuits, pickled herring, schmaltz herring, grapes Humos chips, Crackers, whisky grape juice, water Or COVID-safe alternative
  • Kiddush B – 6 Tables to include 2 kugels, 2 chulents, schmaltz herring, pickled herring, egg mayo, tuna mayo, flutes, pretzels, crackers, biscuits, cakes, small fruit platter, soft drinks, whisky and grape juice Or COVID-safe alternative
  • Kiddush C – 8 Tables to include schmaltz herring, pickled herring, crackers, egg mayo, hummous, herring in mayo, tuna in mayo, crisps, pretzels, assorted biscuits (Grodz), cake platter (Grodz), medium fruit platter, soft drinks, whisky and grape juice.  This includes tablecloth hire.  Please note kugel and chulent are extras Or COVID-safe alternative
  • Options: Any of the above plus extras, as below:
  1. Fruit platter        14" £30/16" £40 - PLEASE ALSO SEE BELOW
  2. Fish balls              £20 per tray inc 2 dips
  3. Crudites               £17.50 per tray inc 2 dips
  4. Chulent                £35 per tray
  5. Kugel                     £35 per tray
  6. Sushi                    £23 per tray for 40 pcs/80 pcs £45
  7. Goujons only    £20 with tartare dip
  8. Goujons/fishballs £23 per tray inc 2 dips
  9. Salmon Teryaki skewers £25 per tray (20 per tray)


Youth Minyan and Children Services

Children's Service 5 yrs - 7 yrs (£25)  BOOK HERE
Children's Service 8 yrs - 10 yrs (£25) BOOK HERE
Toddlers Service (£25) BOOK HERE

Please can you help with our sponsorship of children and youth service kiddushim. All the feedback we receive from the community are that they are an important aspect of community spirit for everyone to get together at the end of the services and no less important it is an attraction for the young children and Youth to have an incentive to be part of the services we provide.

With so many children's birthdays to celebrate and other happy family occasions, please come forward to sponsor one or a series of kiddushim either as a celebration of a family event or just to support the shul's community spirit.





Wed, 19 January 2022 17 Shevat 5782