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COVID 19 Services Offered

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Emergency Funding Available - COVID-19 related
⇒ Live 6 days a week
⇒ At 11am
⇒ Live 6 days a week
⇒ At 3pm
⇒ No impact
⇒ For most ages
For 3-5 year olds
⇒ Live Sunday to Friday
⇒ At 11am
For 8-11 year olds
⇒ Live Sunday to Friday
⇒ At 4pm


Yvonne Greenan award-winning poet who has led writing groups at 'Hendon Library', the 'Fitzrovia Centre', and at the 'Yehuda Amichai Festival', invites you to:
Express Yourself in Your Own Words
⇒ Equipment: 4 sheets of paper and something to write with!
⇒ Wednesdays, at 3-4pm
Come along on a creative journey facilitated by Rachel Himelstein, who gives shiurim and art lessons in Harovah, Jerusalem. Learn to enjoy
Drawing and Painting
⇒ Equipment: Any pencils, paints, pastels, computer paper, art pad, eraser, HB pencils
⇒ Tuesdays, at 2:30pm
Ner Needlefolk & Crafters' Group
⇒ Equipment: Your knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing or any craft
Or just come along and join in the chat!
⇒ No skills needed - this session is just for fun
⇒ Sundays, at 5-6pm
Pilates for Ladies with Emily Lauer
⇒ Equipment: Mat/towel/duvet and pillow, and two small bottles (to replace weights)
⇒ Beginners - Tuesdays, at 9:30am
    Intermediate - Thursdays, at 9am
Thu, 13 June 2024 7 Sivan 5784