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Bereavement / Burial

The shul has made arrangements with the Adath Yisroel Burial Society at £106 per year per family. For further information please contact the shul office.
IMPORTANT: Shul membership does NOT automatically mean that you are covered under the burial society, and shul fees do NOT cover your membership of any of the funeral expenses schemes. The responsibility for making financial provision for burial arrangements is your alone. To assist you, we have made arrangements with the Adath Yisroel Burial Society. In addition, you can of course make your own burial arrangements. Whatever route you choose to follow, you must please take action to ensure that you have made the appropriate arrangements.
 Adath Yisroel Burial Society: 40 Queen Elizabeth's Walk, London, N16 0HJ, Tel: 020 8802 6262
What to do in the event of a bereavement...
In the event of a bereavement please contact the following:
• Ner Yisrael Office: 020 8202 6687 OR OUT OF HOURS call Louise: 07957 872 571
Rabbi Zobin: E: T: 07929 630 813
Adath Yisroel Burial Society: 020 8802 6262 OR United Synagogue Burial Society: 020 8950 7767
Thu, 13 June 2024 7 Sivan 5784