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Regular Weekly Shiurim

Our learning timetable is full and there is bound to be something for everyone …. full descriptions below. The times are subject to last minute changes, so please check this week's calendar for any updates HERE
Sunday morning philosophy shiur – given by Rabbi Zobin
(directly after the second shacharit minyan around 9:00-10:00am)
Daf Yomi shiur – given by Rabbi Michael Pollak, Avromi Blau, Avi Amor
(9pm daily)
Come along and join this worldwide learning phenomena and let the Talmud speak and explain the perspective of authentic Judaism.
Daily Gemara shiur – given by Rabbi Dr Leslie Solomon
(6:15am on weekday mornings)
Twice weekly Gemara shiur – given by Rabbi Matisyohu Lawrence
(9:00-9:50am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings)
Exploring a variety of Halachic topics.
Wednesday evening Parsha shiur – given by Rabbi Zobin
Shabbat morning Rambam Shiur – currently given by Ariel Fine
Following Ner Hashkamah, this shiur has been a regular feature since the inception of the 8.00am minyan. The textual Rambam Shiur is currently learning Hilchot Shabbat – a 31-chapter marathon – and welcomes all the minyan friends and members.
Women's Series shiurim
(Summer: Shabbat afternoon 6:30-7:30pm)
(Winter: Motzei Shabbat approx. once a month)
An extremely successful joint programme with Raleigh Close Shul, attracting over 100 women each week from a wide range of shuls in NW4 and NW11. This series is organised by Susan Pascoe, Debbie Meyer, and Michelle Sint of Ner Yisrael and Naomi Landy, Sandy Littman and Rebecca Samad of Raleigh Close.
... And then Rabbi Zobin speaks on Friday night and Shabbat mornings too!
Thu, 13 June 2024 7 Sivan 5784