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Regular Weekly Shiurim

Our learning timetable is full and there is bound to be something for everyone …. full descriptions below. The times are subject to last minute changes so please check this week's calendar for any updates here

Rabbi Kimche’s Sunday morning Rambam Shiur (directly after the second shacharit minyan around 9.00–10.00am):

A Jewish Philosophy shiur discussing central themes in hashkafa. This year we have been learning a variety of texts from the Rambam including selections from the Moreh Nevuchim and the Mishna Torah.

Rabbi Kimche’s Tuesday/ Thursday morning Gemara Shiur (directly after the second shacharit minyan around 8.15–9.15am):

This is an in-depth Gemara shiur looking at selected topics in Shass. This year we have been looking at a chapter in Masechet Menachot dealing with tefillin, mezuzot and sifrei torah.

Rabbi Kimche’s Tuesday night Nach Shiur (8.15–9.15pm):

This shiur learns Tenach in depth using selected texts from the Medrash, Talmud and classical  commentaries. In the past year we have learned Sefer Shmuel, Sefer Shoftim and Sefer Daniel. We started Ezra in winter 2015.

Rebbetzen Kimche’s Wednesday morning women's Shiur (11.15–12.15pm):

The Wednesday morning women’s shiur has been a fixture in the Ner calendar for almost 30 years. In an environment where there were no daytime shiurim for women, Ner spearheaded a women’s learning program which was directed at women who wanted to learn text rather than being lectured to. To facilitate maximum attendance, a crèche was provided and of course coffee! Many subjects have been dealt with, from Sefer HaChinuch to Halacha to Tenach, and as always the text provides a springboard for in-depth, relevant and lively discussions. At present we are learning topics in chumash in-depth with meforshim (texts provided), and this lovely group consists of between 10-15 ladies. It is one of the highlights of my week . . . do you dare to join??.

Thursday evening Chabura – Rabbi Marcel Bordon:

This is an opportunity for us to learn a Perek in depth over a 3 to 4 year period. During the past 18 years we have learned 5 Perakim in Shabbos, Bava Metzia, and Bava Kamma, and covered topics including the 39 Melachos, Ribbis, and Personal Injury. At present the Chabura is nearing the end of Perek Klal Godol in Shabbos. The choice of Perek is by the consensus of all participants. The shiur is hosted in the homes of its 12 participants, and we appreciate the warm reception of all their families. It's also recorded and available to those who can't make it and occasionally it is streamed for the benefit of a participant who happens to be away.

Daf Yomi – Michael Pollak,  Avromi Blau, Avi Amor:

Come along and join this worldwide learning phenomena and let the Talmud speak and explain the perspective of authentic Judaism.

Shabbat morning Rabbi Zobin's  Rambam Shiur (10.00–10.30am):

Following Ner Hashkama, this shiur has been a regular feature since the inception of the 8.00am minyan. The textual Rambam shiur is currently learning Hilchot Shabbat – a 31-chapter marathon – and welcomes all the minyan friends and members.

Shabbat afternoon – Womens series shiurim (6.30–7.30pm during the summer):

Extremely successful joint programme with Raleigh Close Shul, attracting over 100 women each week from a wide range of shuls in NW4 and NW11. Organised by Susan Pascoe, Debbie Meyer, and Michelle Sint of Ner Yisrael and Naomi Landy, Sandy Littman and Rebecca Samad of Raleigh Close.

... And then Rabbi Kimche and Rabbi Zobin speak on Friday night and Shabbat mornings too!

Fri, 14 December 2018 6 Tevet 5779