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Ner Elections 2017


NOMINATIONS NOW OPEN: Four Board of Management positions: Events, Facilities, Communications and Chesed

Four Board of Management positions are being put up for election this summer, one year early, in order to stagger any influx of new members on to the Board in any one time. This is in keeping with the intentions of the Ner Yisrael Rules (draft) which seeks consistency in lay leadership of the shul. Accordingly, elections are announced for July 2017 for the following portfolios: Chesed, Communications, Events and Facilities. More detailed descriptions of each of these are available on the Ner Yisrael website HERE.

Nominations for Board of Management portfolio positions are open to all Members of Ner Yisrael and close at midnight on 10th July 2017. Please register your nomination below (you will need to login to access the form).

Voting will be via post, online and in person between 11-18 July 2017, with all votes cast before 8pm on 18 July 2017 being eligible to count. To ensure that all eligible adult members of your family are registered to vote online, please update your online Ner Yisrael profile.

Results will be announced at the AGM which is scheduled to start at 8pm Tuesday 18th July 2017 in the Shaar Yaakov Beit Hamedrash.

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Sun, 25 June 2017 1 Tammuz 5777