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Sponsorship - Main Shul Kiddush

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- Use you own caterrer- £100 to the shul for hire of the hall and the cleaning costs.
- Kiddush  A – 5 tables 
£180 to include cakes, biscuits, pretzels, flutes, soft drinks, grapes, egg mayonnaise, crackers, schmaltz herring, pickled herring, grape juice and whisky.
- Kiddush B – 6 Tables £460 to include 2 kugels, 2 chulents, schmaltz herring, pickled herring, egg mayo, tuna mayo, flutes, pretzels, crackers, biscuits, cakes, small fruit platter, soft drinks, whisky and grape juice.  Includes tablecloth hire.
- Kiddush C – 8 Tables £610 to include schmaltz herring, pickled herring, crackers, egg mayo, hummos, herring in mayo, tuna in mayo, crisps, pretzels, assorted biscuits (Grodz), cake platter (Grodz), medium fruit platter, soft drinks, whisky and grape juice.  This includes tablecloth hire.

   Fruit Platter- £17 per tray
   Fish Balls- £17 per tray
   Crudites- £19 per tray
   Chulent- £35 per tray
   Kugel- £32.50 per tray
   Sushi- £24 per tray
   Goujons/ fishballs- £25 per tray

Please provide your dedication in the following format: 

- In memory of ... whose Yahrzeit is .....
- On behalf of ...
- In honour of Wedding, Engagement, Bar/Batmitzvah ...

Charity vouchers are not acceptable for this transaction:-(

Fri, 24 January 2020 27 Tevet 5780