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Recorded Ner Shiurim (Audio/Video)


Feb 2016 -  Tribute to HaRav Y. Cooperman zt”l, Talmid Chacham, Founder of The Michlalah College, Jerusalem Event Details (audio presentation)

July 2015 - Tisha B'Av event  Mrs Vecht  (audio presentation)

Jan 2015 - Ner Holocaust event  - Mrs Matyas (audio presentation)


Visiting Scholars

March 2016 - Rabbi Ariyeh Leibowitz, founding Rabbi of Beit Haknesset of North Woodmere

Feb 2016 - Scholars in Residence - Rabbi Bechhofer: MASHIACH: In light of the current situation - are these Messianic times? Event details

Jan 2016 -  'Women in Orthodoxy' debate  “The Emerging Role of Women in Orthodox Judaism” led by Rebbetzen Lauren Levin. Event details

Rabbi Litman


Yomim Noraim

Yom Limmud 2012 Rabbi Kimche

Yom Limmud 2012 Rabbi Zobin



Kashrut 2015 Rabbi Kimche

Kashrut 2015 Rabbi Conway


Nach Shiur 

Nehemiah - 2016 Rabbi Kimche 

Ezra  - 2016 Rabbi Kimche 

Daniel - 2015 Rabbi Kimche



Mon, 23 April 2018 8 Iyyar 5778