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Pesach 2021 @ Ner

Sale of Chametz form click HERE 

This year Mechirat Chametz is via online form only
If you wish to arrange the Mechirat Chametz with a "Kinyan Sudar" (exchange of token object to formalise my appointment as your agent to complete the sale – halachicly better but not a requirement), Rabbi Zobin will be available to do the at shul after the second Shacharit every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but please still complete and submit the form.
If you have difficulties completing the form, or any queries, please email . Please ensure that you have completed and submitted the form by the end of Wednesday 24th March at the very latest.

WhatsApp group for Shailot:  Rabbi Zobin will once again be re-opening his pre-Pesach WhatsApp group through which he will post Halachic information, and which people can post Shailot through which all can learn. If you are already a member of one of the pre-Pesach WhatsApp groups, please do NOT sign up again – the existing groups will be reactivated shortly.

If you are not yet part of a pre-Pesach WhatsApp group then please click HERE  from your phone to join.
FAQs booklet: 
 Rabbi Zobin's booklet of FAQs of Pesach Halachot is again available in hardcopy, for Members and Friends only. You can pick it up from the shul, or if unable to do so we can arrange for delivery to your home. 


Thinking ahead to Pesach, which includes a 3 day Shabbat/Yom Tov, we wanted to let you know and give reassurance that our team of volunteers will be offering help and we are organising:

·         Help for those who need with their Pesach shopping. Please contact

·         Obtaining cooked meals including for Sedarim. Please contact

·         Covid safe visits – people stopping by to say hello and have a distanced chat. Please contact

We have also put together a non-exhaustive list of shops and websites that make deliveries of groceries and cooked meals, click  HERE, that you may find useful.

If anyone at any time (both before and after Pesach) needs help with shopping, obtaining prescriptions or any other assistance, please contact Louise, Rabbi or Rebbetzen Zobin or Susan Pascoe

Please also let us know if there are other ways we can offer support, or suggestions of how we can help as a community. Please also let us know if you are happy to help with any of the above. You can join our WhatApp group of Volunteers if you have not already done so by clicking HERE


Pesach Timings click HERE

Pesach Waste Collection HERE

Please see HERE for Rabbi Zobin's Halachic Guidelines for Erev Pesach on Shabbat 



Wednesday, 10 March - 8.00pm - RABBI ZOBIN - Pesach Halachot

Sunday, 14 March - 8.00pm - RABBI YOSEF MENDELEVICH - A Refusenik's Freedom

Wednesday, 17 March - 8.00pm - RABBI REUVEN TARAGIN - Pesach Ideas






JOIN JENNY IN COOKING HER FAVOURITE 3 COURSE PESACH MENU.  To see her recipes and get the ingredient list - click HERE


SHABBAT HAGADOL DRASHA - given by RABBI ZOBIN - Sunday, 21 March - 8pm - for zoom click HERE

Wed, 14 April 2021 2 Iyyar 5781