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Ner Youth Minyan - Shabbat  Booking

Booking to Ner Youth minyan is open to all (Ner Members, Ner Friends and non-Members)

Please sign up below if you would like to join the Ner Youth Minyan on shabbat morning starting from Brachot at 9:30am. We have limited spots and it will be first come first served! It will be in the Horowitz Beit Hamedrash on the second floor of Ner. Please bring a mask and your own siddur (alternatively paper siddurim will be provided). Looking forward to seeing you there!

If you are the child of Ner Members or Ner Friends then your profile can be added to their account. Once added you (the child) will be able to log in in your own right and wont have to put in all your information every time.

If your family are not members then please continue as a Guest

Should you require assistance, please email and provide your name and phone number to assist us in responding.

Eliana & Ephraim (Ner Youth Directors) 


Please add details for the person attending Ner Youth minyan (boys and girls use the same form):
This email will be used to confirm your booking and for 'Track & Trace' records


Wed, 14 April 2021 2 Iyyar 5781